QRZ Call Sign Lookup

Dave Ingram’s One Transistor Marvel

Just a quick not and upload of a PDF of the article by Dave Ingram: ‘One Transistor Marvel:


GQRP’s Sudden Receiver Project


The history of QRP stands with many groups that emerged in the ’70s and ’80s both here in the U.S. and also abroad. A group in the U.K., The GQRP group is responsible for a number of great designs in QRP, books and also a quarterly magazine called SPRAT. The GQRP has developed […]

My attempt at a 7mHz IC based DC Receiver from EMRFD

So I’ve followed QRP homebrew projects for quite awhile now and have done my share of kits from QRPKits and other vendors but I’ve always wanted to “scratch build” a radio, the idea of ALL of the construction and design being up to me to be more appealing… but mostly I’ve wanted the learning that […]

Putting a Pakratt 232 back into service














There’s something in the ham spirit that is respectful of old technology and also willing to rejuvenate equipment to see another day of service, kind of like getting the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. I love the idea […]

Check in with Arduino Day this Saturday the 28th of March!


Colorburst 80 Meter Michigan Mighty Mite

After some work to figure out what was going wrong with my Michigan Mite MIte I finally have it running and by that I mean oscillating. As it turns out I had used the wrong coil formula and when I rewound a new coil and oriented it the way Pete Juliano suggested I was home […]

Color Burst Liberation Army

Today I can celebrate the oscillation of my Michigan Mighty Might, at least I hope that’s what I am seeing here.

This story starts with two great guys in the QRP/ Homebrew movement, Bill Meara N2CQR and Pete Juliano N6QW both of whom have been on the Soldersmoke Podcast of late. I had it in […]

Ham Radio at MakerFaire NYC 2014

Meeting Rex Harper W1REX at MakerFaire NYC 2014

Today’s Saturday MakerFaire was most excellent indeed with Ham Radio making a good showing with the local Queens club HOSARC manning a booth and attracting a good number of Makers ready to get bitten by the Amateur Radio Bug. There are many reasons that Hams are […]

New Beach 40 Project



This week I am launching into a homebrew project that was recommended to me by a good friend in Vermont, I am referring to VK3YE’s “Beach 40” DSB Transceiver. Peter Parker/ VK3YE has put together a very nice little QRP Double Sideband Transceiver with a very modest number of discrete parts. The Beach […]

Antennas are self sustaining

Antennas always warm my heart


In this age of on-demand, internet/wi-fi and cable services it always warms my heart to see an antenna still above the roof lines. Why you ask? Because antennas now stand for something that we’re moving away from as a society. The lone antenna is all that was once […]