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W2DAB is now an Amateur Extra

Testing at ABC World Headquarters

I’m thrilled to announce that I tested and passed my Amateur Extra exam last Wednesday night at the BEARS testing session at ABC Headquarters here in NYC. The BEARS VE’s were all terrific guys and the session was pretty heavily subscribed, by my rough count and feeble memory there […]

You got to know when to fold ’em

As Kenny Rogers sang “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, when to fold them… ” etc. So when my good friend Lou / KB1UYS from Vermont made me an offer I couldn’t refuse I came into the possession of a working Ten-Tec Century 21. Now as I go forward I am enjoying the […]

Morse’s sweet code endures

Several years back I got my amateur radio license about the same time that I was applying to a top design school, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. At the time I really didn’t connect the hobby that much with my aspirations to create new interactive products and experiences for a living.

Since that time I’ve […]


Well… I started working on the Ten Tec Century 21 again this week with the help of my new friend Lou/KB1UYS, I started with disconnecting the secondary leads that connect to the power supply board and measuring the voltage. With the unit plugged in and the power switch pulled out I wasn’t getting anything […]

Not so stealth antennas

I am walking to the grocery store in my upper east side neighborhood, which incidentally is in the Grid Square with the highest number of Hams in the U.S. and I look up and spot what looks like a Beam Antenna, a Vertical Antenna and maybe even a directional Yagi!

Now you might say […]

Generosity of the knack…

I haven’t been a ham all that long, but I am heartened by all of the good will in this hobby. I am writing about my efforts to rehabilitate a Ten-Tec Century 21 that I purchased through eBay that arrived dead.

Recently I was contacted by a operator from Vermont that has volunteered to help […]

When is a rig to dead to continue with…

So, I’ve had many suggestions from other hams on how to fix my Ten-Tec Century. Some of the repairs I did not feel completely up to such as disconnecting full sections of the boards to test.

After Curt’s kind email I checked the voltages currently and came up with the following:

From the photo […]

New Ham to the rescue

K8AI's excellent Photo of what my burned out area should look like.

I’ve gotten some help with my problems and am encouraged by Curt (K8AI)… Curt was kind enough to send me pics with annotated voltages on each section of the power supply that I am trouble shooting. Trouble shooting may be a […]

Still without a power supply

Well… it has been some time since I posted my progress and even though I haven’t made any progress, sometimes just letting a problem simmer for awhile can help.

I you follow my excellent adventures I purchased a Ten-Tec Century 21 with a bad power supply and a sticky PTO. The gentleman that I purchased […]

Power OK from Transformer

Today was a day of slow movement on the C21. I took a measurement from the secondary leads from the transformer to the power supply board and there is 19v AC or so coming off of that. So with the supply from the transformer entirely within the 18v – 24 range I know that the […]