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New Beach 40 Project



This week I am launching into a homebrew project that was recommended to me by a good friend in Vermont,  I am referring to VK3YE’s “Beach 40” DSB Transceiver.  Peter Parker/ VK3YE has put together a very nice little QRP Double Sideband Transceiver with a very modest number of discrete parts.  The Beach 40 has been featured in SolderSmoke Podcast and website and is outline in several YouTube Videos done by Parker right from the beaches in Australia!

I haven’t built anything from scratch yet and I am going to do this in Manhattan style building techniques, which is somewhat ironic in a cheeky way as I live in Manhattan.  It looks like I am nearing the acquisition of most of my parts, including the copper boards and little square things from the internet.

In building a homebrew rig for the first time.  I do have some soldering experience with several kits two CW transceivers from Hendrick’s QRPkits.com and two Rockmite kits from Dave Benson/K1SWL at Small Wonder Labs.  Dave has closed Small Wonder Labs, cheers to him for making nice affordable kits that let me cut my teeth so to speak.

I live in Manhattan as I said before and I don’t really have a dedicated bench so we have to see how I do on the dining room table, also I don’t have any sophisticated bench gear.  All I have is a multimeter and a soldering iron.

I am very excited by this project because of it’s simplicity and also because I haven’t done a voice transceiver yet, the thing with CW rigs is that you need to know CW to actually enjoy using them.  As amazing as Peter Parker has been at creating this rig I think that there are lot’s of gaps that can be filled in terms of documentation and mentoring. This would be an excellent rig to build for the new General class ticket holder that may not have a lot of money to spend on gear and also would like to go portable or even pedestrian as Peter Parker terms his walking excursions.

So may the radio Gods be with us and hopefully we can breath life into our own gear and as Bill says put the “spirit into the machine”.


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