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Ham Radio at MakerFaire NYC 2014

Meeting Rex Harper W1REX at MakerFaire NYC 2014

Today’s Saturday MakerFaire was most excellent indeed with Ham Radio making a good showing with the local Queens club HOSARC manning a booth and attracting a good number of Makers ready to get bitten by the Amateur Radio Bug.  There are many reasons that Hams are sort of the original makers and hackers in this country but that is a different story, I was very interested to see at the same booth a QRP legend in the kit making business – Rex Harper W1REX of QRPme.com Rex’s products are known far and wide in the Homebrew/QRP community.  I especially recommend using his MePads for Manhattan style building, they are pre-tinned and very good for keeping a neat and organized circuit board.

I briefly discussed the possibility of a DSB kit someday and he indicated that he has that on a back burner.  The toughest part of being a success is that Rex doesn’t get enough time to build himself as he is too busy shipping out orders to all parts of the country and the world.

If you’re a new ham, consider building Rex’s Tuna Tin II, it is a very flexible and well put together kit and you’ll learn a lot about radio by building your own equipment.

I love MakerFaire, the Maker Spirit and the variety of things happening in the world of DIY electronics and other types of building. We are see a revival of making things here in the USA and I love that the Faire included people from all over the country, coming to Corona, Queens – once the site of a World’s Fair and a prediction of all that would come in the future. Our future is happening now and it is in the hands of everyman (and woman).

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