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Burnt offerings…

After considering which of the two problems I wanted to tackle first with my Ten-Tec Century 21 rig that I bought from KA9JBD on eBay I have decided to try and work on the non functioning external power supply.  I had a short talk with the John at Ten-Tec support,  John and all of Ten-Tec are very nice and patient so I am always glad when I can have some of their time.  First steps to check is that the 2 amp slow blow fuse is not blown and to see if there is 18v – 24 v out.

So I cracked the bottom of the case for the first time and had a rather interesting surprise,  just inside the back of the case behind the power cord and the jacks for external power was a large burn mark and a wired that looked melted off of it’s contact point.  At some point someone connected something that was a bit too much for the rig to handle.  The thing I can’t figure out is why the fuse isn’t blown, I put my multimeter on it with the continuity switch and got the friendly beep.  I could try buying another 2 amp slow-blow fuse to compare, perhaps it is the wrong size. Perhaps someone tried to replace it after the event and used the wrong size.

I’m not miffed by the discovery, but full disclosure would be nice to help troubleshoot – hey, that’s what “caveat emptor” is all about!

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