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Colorburst 80 Meter Michigan Mighty Mite

After some work to figure out what was going wrong with my Michigan Mite MIte I finally have it running and by that I mean oscillating. As it turns out I had used the wrong coil formula and when I rewound a new coil and oriented it the way Pete Juliano suggested I was home free.

I really am so excited that home brewing can be this accessible to a novice builder like me and I’ve learned a lot in the experience.

I may try a 20 meter Michigan Mighty Mite next, but for now I’m going to bask in my success and fit this rig to a contain and to proper connectors and use a real key next.

Here’s what I picked up in the way of tribal knowledge:

1. Orient the coil with the short tap towards the copper board
2. Connect that L1 coil lead coming off the bottom coil wire toward positive power.
3. Using an alligator clip as a heat sink is not a bad work around if you don’t have small transistor heat sinks. (The 2n2222 gets very hot).
4. When winding the coil it helps to use masking tape to secure sections of the windings before they have a chance to unravel.
5. QRP radio gear is a team effort, I loved having people to bounce my questions off of. This is really the best part… there should be more homebrew clubs.

So without any more thoughts the video is below, keep in mind I am tapping two wires together and don’t have a proper key hooked up yet.


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