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Power OK from Transformer

Today was a day of slow movement on the C21.  I took a measurement from the secondary leads from the transformer to the power supply board and there is 19v AC or so coming off of that.  So with the supply from the transformer entirely within the 18v – 24 range I know that the transformer is OK.

The next step is to troubleshoot the components on the power supply circuit board.

Tomorrow I will look at the diodes to see if there is anything there to replace.

Sometimes it is just slow going, no two ways about it.

3 comments to Power OK from Transformer

  • Hello David, how is the Ten Tec power supply coming? I haven’t worked on that exact model, but may be able to offer some occasional advice. I work at Alpha on the ham amplifiers and was an Electronics Tech in the Navy.
    73 – Glenn AE0Q

  • admin

    Hi Glenn – sorry for the delay in answering and thank you for your volunteer of help, Lord knows I need it. In the next couple of days I am going to jump back into the power supply and see if I can figure out what is wrong.


  • David Goncalves

    Hi David!

    With everything connected, what is the DC voltage on the following connections: UNREG, BASE, +REG?
    What is the AC voltage at the connection of the secondary to the two AC points on the board?