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Not so stealth antennas

I am walking to the grocery store in my upper east side neighborhood, which incidentally is in the Grid Square with the highest number of Hams in the U.S. and I look up and spot what looks like a Beam Antenna, a Vertical Antenna and maybe even a directional Yagi!

Now you might say this is not such a big deal, but in a section of Manhattan where Coop and Condo restrictions allow no antennas this is like spotting a rainbow! Now I’ve got to track down this Ham and ask him how he managed to talk his building into this. Did he use the Emergency Preparedness angle, did he bribe the super into telling residents that it is just a TV antenna?

Well, it’s good to know that someone has a good antenna farm to use! And here I thought I might be doing well to have a BuddiStick antenna on my balcony, and only while operating.

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