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Well… I started working on the Ten Tec Century 21 again this week with the help of my new friend Lou/KB1UYS, I started with disconnecting the secondary leads that connect to the power supply board and measuring the voltage. With the unit plugged in and the power switch pulled out I wasn’t getting anything in the way of voltage.

Today with a few minutes to spend on working on this I went ahead and pulled the transformer out for replacement and I contacted Ten Tec for information on their parts supply, perhaps they can sell me a new transformer and I can put it in and my Ten Tec Century 21 will spring into life!

I am not looking back now that I have it out and feel fully committed to troubleshooting my rig until I get to the bottom of this. When I have fixed this and I will, I will truly own this rig and have the pride of learning about my rig in a more complete way.

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