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Morse’s sweet code endures

Several years back I got my amateur radio license about the same time that I was applying to a top design school, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. At the time I really didn’t connect the hobby that much with my aspirations to create new interactive products and experiences for a living.

Since that time I’ve learned more about inventions and technology than I’ve ever known in my adult live and it is in no small part from my hobby AND my vocation.

I was therefore very interested in a thesis project by Joshua Clayton, a graduating ITP’er. “What hath God wrought” is an interesting look back at Morse’s invention, language as encoded in Morse Code and the mysticism of the times that telegraphy was established as a new communication medium.

You can read more of Joshua Clayton’s thoughts here:

Be sure to find a video of his thesis presentation of last week in the video archives section on the left sidebar.

I think it is nice that a technology that was invented 167 years ago still can inspire a new generation of inventors and interactive artists. Morse was a painting teacher at NYU many years ago and he still has a strong connection to New York City.

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