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W2DAB is now an Amateur Extra

Testing at ABC World Headquarters

I’m thrilled to announce that I tested and passed my Amateur Extra exam last Wednesday night at the BEARS testing session at ABC Headquarters here in NYC. The BEARS VE’s were all terrific guys and the session was pretty heavily subscribed, by my rough count and feeble memory there were 5 Tech tickets given out two Generals and two Extra licenses.

I really enjoyed the venue, entering the ABC Headquarters in Manhattan I felt like it was kind of cool to be going into a major broadcasting company on official radio business!

If you not an EE you can be kind of intimidated to be going for Extra with the math portions of the test. I studied all kinds of equations, some I had down and some are still a bit of a stretch for an “artist type” like myself. So I laid out my trusty old TI-82 which I dusted off and put in new batteries for, my sharpened pencils and prepared for a little figuring and calculating. Ha! not one question that needed a calculator, I didn’t know weather to be grateful or a little disappointed that I didn’t get to use my new found skills. But that is the nature of a test, you learn more by testing than by just reading or studying.

There has been a lot said about “no code extras” and I guess I will feel the brunt of some old crusty codgers but the group of experienced hams from the BEARS group were nothing but polite, professional and courteous… the embodiment of the Amateur’s Code.

The BEARS club also offered free membership, I am looking forward to getting involved with them and contributing to that great club. As I strolled out into the cool night air I fist pumped a little and also steeled my resolve to go on and master the code (morse) so that I could connect to what I consider the primary roots and history of this great hobby. 73

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