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Hello or CQ


I have the usual collection of amateur radio books to help me with learning the technical side of the hobby,  I recently purchased Danny Gregory and Paul Sahre’s delightful book ” Hello World/ A Life in Ham Radio”.  As someone with a graphic design background I was chuffed that the production and the layout of the book was so beautiful and interesting.  The book centers around the Ham Radio hobby of one Jerry Powell from Hackensack, NJ.  One of the authors stumbled across Mr. Powell’s QSL card collection at a flee market and bought the whole lot, they didn’t even know what they were but they looked interesting to them.

The book is written in a breezy style that fits the visual layout and introduces the readers to Ham Radio vocabulary and basic operation as well as an overview of all of Jerry’s QSL cards and the ham’s that he contacted.

The book is more poignant when you are aware that Jerry Powell has been deceased for quite awhile and when many of the call signs are searched (I did) the calls come up inactive which probably indicates silent keys.  Regardless, the book is really nice to have by my station as the styles and format of the QSL cards are so interesting.  Much of the charm of correspondence of this type is that it is not done so much anymore with email, SMS and software.

The authors have put together a nice archeology dig of a ham’s life and it is wonderful to behold for us newer hams to behold, we can fall in love with all of our digital modes or technology but it is undeniable that the older guys have something we don’t… memories of a simple time when the hobby was the only “wireless”.

So, anyone  out there still use QSL cards?  I’d love to design one of my own if only someone would still exchange with me!

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